Eclectic Upcyclery for All and Sundry!

Link: Recycled Robot Figurines

I love making this kind of thing, but I’ve already covered my own work a few posts ago. I’ve never quite figured out how to ship my own, since they tend to wind up pretty delicate, but here’s a guy that makes robots out of recycled stuff–looks like mostly bottle-caps and Bionicle pieces–and sells it on Etsy. I present to you: Rupert Valero.

assemblage red assassin

While upcycling junk into figurines is not uncommon, this guy has a few things that really make him stand out to me:

1. A lot of them use working joints, which means you can actually change their poses.

2. He’s not one of those uptight “artistes”, so the figures run no more than twenty bucks.

assemblage mean jalapeno soldier

I’m a little surprised he can let them go for that little, just covering supplies–yeah, the bottles and caps are free off the side of the road, but Bionicle ain’t cheap, and I can’t see these awesome paintjobs running in the single-dollar range either.

I admit it. I’m jealous.


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