Eclectic Upcyclery for All and Sundry!

How to make a lamp out of a bottle (or anything else)

Go to a hardware store, buy a lamp kit, and stick it through pretty much anything. Seriously, that’s it. They cost about six to ten bucks.

No, wait, fine: here’s an instruction guide on how to drill through glass so as to upcycle a glass bottle into a lamp. Suzi seems to have stuck with liquor bottles–and considering that there’s a brand of vodka that comes in a glass skull, who can blame her?–but there’s no reason you shouldn’t be recycling other things, too. Hang on a sec, I’ll see what Google Image Search turns up.

Soup cans…

A car air filter…

A tea set…

Plumbing fixtures…

A blender…

INSTRUMENTAL LIGHTING - TRUMPETS | Instrument, Lamp, Upcycling, Upcycle, Recycle, Handmade, New York City, Jaime Cornett, Trumpet, Brass, Gift for the Musician | UncommonGoods

Musical instruments…

Pretty much anything you can put a hole through that will stand up on its own. (Click the images to links to the original sites for more in-depth instructions in most cases.) If you’re still using incandescent bulbs like some kind of environment-hating endangered-owl-kicking dinosaur jerk that doesn’t wanna spring for a weird-colored light-bulb that costs, like, twenty times as much, be sure to use things that won’t melt (no soda bottles, for example); if you’ve switched over to fluorescent bulbs, even those will work. What a time to be alive, right?


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